• Fluorinated Silicone Rubber O-Ring FVMQ

    Fluorinated Silicone Rubber O-Ring FVMQ

    Fluorinated Silicone Rubber O-ring:(FVMQ)
    Temperature resistance :-60 C to 180 C,
    Performance: Oil resistance, abrasion resistance and water resistance.
    Medium: Water, gasoline, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, silicone oil, gas

  • Fluororubber O-ring FKM

    Fluororubber O-ring FKM

    Fluororubber O-ring FKM
    Temperature resistance :-20 ℃ -260 ℃,
    Properties: WEATHER resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to most oils and solvents, especially acids, aliPHatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and animal and vegetable oils. Not recommended for ketones, low molecular weight esters and nitrate-containing mixtures, poor cold resistance.
    Application: It is often used in the working environment of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and oil resistance. It is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile, electric power and other industries
    Common colors: brown, green.
    Medium: resistant to strong acid and alkali liquid, oil

  • Nitrile O-ring

    Nitrile O-ring

    Nitrile O-ring:
    Temperature resistance:-40 degrees Celsius 120 degrees Celsius.
    Performance: oil resistance, wear resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance and high pressure oil characteristics, but not suitable for polar solutions, such as ketones, ozone, nitrohydrocarbon.
    Application: Often used in fuel tank, lubricating oil and petroleum hydraulic oil, ethylene glycol hydraulic oil, dilipid lubricating oil, gasoline, water, silicon grease, silicone oil and other media. Medium: Water, gasoline, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, silicone oil, gas


  • Silicone O-ring VWQ

    Silicone O-ring VWQ

    Temperature resistance :-40 degrees Celsius 20 degrees Celsius, Performance: environmental protection non-toxic, good elasticity, heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, atmospheric aging resistance, has good electrical insulation performance, tensile strength and wear resistance than the general rubber is poor, oil resistance.
    Application: Often used in household appliances, electrical appliances industry used seals or rubber parts, food machinery industry seals, and the human body has contact with various supplies seals.
    Color: white translucent, iron red.

  • Fluorinated Silicone Rubber

    Fluorinated Silicone Rubber

    FVMQ fluorosilicone O-ring in the maintenance of silicone material heat resistance, cold resistance, high voltage resistance, weathering resistance and other excellent properties, due to the introduction of fluorine groups, it also has organic fluorine material excellent resistance to hydrogen solvents, oil resistance, acid and alkaline resistance and lower surface energy performance.

  • Fluorine Rubber Plate

    Fluorine Rubber Plate

    Fluorine rubber seals, when used for engine sealing, can work at 200℃~250℃ for a long time, at 300 and short-term work, its working life can be the same as the engine repair life, up to 1000~5000 flight hours (time 5~10 years); Used in the chemical industry, can seal inorganic acid (such as 67% sulfuric acid at 140℃, concentrated hydrochloric acid at 70℃, and 30% nitric acid at ℃), organic solvents (such as chlorinated hydrocarbons, benzene, high aromatic gasoline) and other organic matter (such as butadiene, styrene, propylene, phenol, fatty acids at 275℃, etc.); For deep well production, it can withstand harsh working conditions of 149℃ and 420 atmospheres. When used for superheated steam seals, it can work in steam medium of 160~170℃ for a long time. In the production of monocrystalline silicon, commonly used fluorine rubber seals to seal high temperature (300℃) under the special medium – trichlorosilicon, silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide, phosphorus trichloride, trichloroethylene and 120℃ hydrochloric acid, etc.

  • Silicone Rubber Sheet

    Silicone Rubber Sheet

    Silicone rubber sheet is an industrial rubber sheet made of silicone as the main raw material. It can make gaskets, washers and seals, which are mainly used in food industry, machinery industry, electronics and electrical appliances, automobile industry, chemical light industry, metal and paint and other fields.
    Operating temperature: -60 ℃ -250 ℃
    Thickness: 1 mm – 10 mm
    Width: 1 m – 1.2 m
    Silicone plate can be punched gasket, gasket, seal.
    Product Features:
    1. Optional thickness,
    2, color tunability
    3, the simplicity of construction
    4. Stability of mass
    5, good recoil
    6, excellent skid resistance

  • Fluorophlogopite


    Performance: 1, excellent electrical insulation performance and high temperature resistance. 2, high frequency medium loss is low, dielectric constant is stable, not aging, not easy to break, easy to debug 3, good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and light transmittance 4, good flatness, no adsorption impurities. 5, vacuum sealing performance is excellent

  • Graphite Packing Ring

    Graphite Packing Ring

    Graphite packing ring by a variety of material specifications packing pressed into a ring. Applicable to a variety of applications, such as aramid packing ring, enhance graphite packing ring ptfe packing ring, the corners of aramid carbon packing ring, asbestos ptfe packing ring, high carbon fiber packing ring, black ptfe packing ring, ramie packing ring, ring of high water-based pan-gen, carbon fiber packing ring, and so on performance characteristics: according to the performance characteristics of various kinds of packing, chosen in the corresponding industry and the equipment.


  • Graphite Packing

    Graphite Packing

    Graphite packing is made of flexible graphite wire woven through the core. It has the advantages of good self-lubrication and thermal conductivity, small friction coefficient, strong versatility, good softness, high strength, and protection for shaft and rod. According to different requirements, carbon fiber, glass fiber and other materials can be used to strengthen. Expanded graphite packing is a universal packing, recommended for use in petroleum equipment, power plants, chemical industry a...
  • Graphite Thermal Gasket

    Graphite Thermal Gasket

    Graphite thermal gasket thickness:0.5-40mm

    Graphite thermal gasket width:5-40mm

    Work temperature:-40 to 120 degrees

    Coefficient of thermal conductivity:5~10W/m-k

  • Mica tape-Mica Tape for Cable and wire,Electrical Insulating Mica Tape

    Mica tape-Mica Tape for Cable and wire,Electrical Insulating Mica Tape

    Synthetic mica tape is made of mica paper copied from synthetic mica as the main material, and then glued glass cloth on one or both sides with adhesive mica tape machine.  Sticking glass cloth on one side of mica paper is called “single-sided tape”, and sticking on both sides is called “double-sided tape”.

  • Mica shields

    Mica shields

    Mica shield is cut or stamped, turned, drilled and milling according to certain thickness and geometric size according to application conditions.  Natural mica is mainly used in household appliances such as soldering irons, electric irons, TV sets, tube racks for electric heating, gaskets and commutators for motors, boilers and water level gauges for ships.

  • PTFE gasketPTFE washer for industrial

    PTFE gasketPTFE washer for industrial

    Teflon scientific name is polytetrafluoroethylene, short for PTFE, is the most commonly used material in fluorine polymer. Among the thermoplastic resins, PTFE has the best heat resistance, drug resistance and high frequency characteristics, but also has a unique low friction and non-adhesion.Teflon is a none-melt-Processible fluorin polymer, accounting for more than 60% of all fluorin polymers.Other melt-Processible fluorinated polymers include PVDF, FEP, E-CTFe, PVF, E-TFe, PFA, CTFE-VDF, etc. PTFE is the first fluorinated polymer to be discovered, and its properties are generally superior to other fluorinated polymers.

  • Mica Shield For Gauge Glass, For High Temp Up To 400 Deg C

    Mica Shield For Gauge Glass, For High Temp Up To 400 Deg C

    Natural mica sheet is a kind of high temperature resistant insulating material, which can be used in 800℃ for a long time. Good mechanical properties, heat resistance and electrical insulation, large volume resistivity, good dielectric loss. It has the advantages of no layer, no crack and no deformation.

    The mica sheet is composed of polysilicon Muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, with albitite, zoisite and chlorite. The garnet is rich in Fe and Mg, and the Si of polysilicon Muscovite is up to 3.369, which is also a high pressure combination.

  • Graphite,Grafoil Natural Graphite Gaskets For Gauge Glass and Industrial

    Graphite,Grafoil Natural Graphite Gaskets For Gauge Glass and Industrial

    Flexible graphite, also known as expanded graphite, takes scaly graphite as raw material and forms interlayer compound after chemical treatment. It is a new graphite product.In addition to the properties of natural graphite, it also has special flexibility and elasticity.Flexible graphite composite gasket is a kind of rectangular or geometrically complex gasket made of high-strength graphite composite plate which is composed of punch teeth or punched metal core plate and expanded graphite particles. It has excellent corrosion resistance, high and low resistance and good compression rebound rate. It is used for tubes, valves, pumps and pressure vessels.Sealing components for heat exchanger, condenser, water level gauge, engine, diesel engine, air compressor, exhaust pipe, refrigerator, etc.Therefore, it is an ideal sealing material.Widely used in shipbuilding, flange, exhaust pipe, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, nuclear power and other industrial departments.

  • Asbestos Gasket Jointing Sheets

    Asbestos Gasket Jointing Sheets

    LG-410 asbestos rubber sheet is made of high quality asbestos fiber, natural rubber, filling material, colorant and so on. It has high cost performance and is widely used in the industrial field. It is a cheap sealing gasket material